S7 Rugby Announces Player Draft

Philadelphia, PA - May 13, 2019 - For Immediate Release - S7 (Super Sevens Rugby), the professional sports and entertainment company, announces their first-ever draft of players in advance of this summer's S7 Summer Series of play.  

On Monday, June 10,  coaches and representatives for 12 teams, representing 6 cities, will conduct a draft to select 14 players for each of the 6 men's and 6 women's teams. To be eligible, interested players over the age of 18 must fill out a registration form (https://www.s7rugby.com/s7-series) that can be found at the S7 official web site, www.s7rugby.com 

Once drafted, players will gather at a common training location and then compete as 12 teams in a 6-city, 6-week season that will crown champions in both the men's and women's division.  The competition is set to begin on July 27 and conclude on September 1.  Details on the cities, venues and dates will be released shortly. 

"While we are preparing for our debut of Super Sevens Rugby with our Million Dollar Scrum event (https://www.s7rugby.com/#milliondollarscrum) we will conduct our draft so that we are ready to launch the S7 Summer Series," said Dan Yarusso, the VP,  Operations of S7 Rugby. "We want players to know that pay will be equal for both genders, and we think at a very attractive level." Players will be paid on scale across four tiers, (https://www.s7rugby.com/abouts7summer) with additional bonuses awarded for team records at the end of the S7 Rugby Summer Series. Two marquee players, drafted by each team, will command the highest level of compensation, while 4 players will also be selected by each team on levels from tiers 1-3.

"Our goal is to showcase our revolutionary format of S7 Rugby to a nationwide audience," explains Yarusso, "while at the same time establishing the foundation of professional S7 Rugby for years to come both here in the United States, and around the world."

The S7 Rugby Draft will be streamed live on Monday, June 10, 2019 to an international audience from the company headquarters just outside of Philadelphia, with several star players, team coaches, and other notables on hand. 

Expectations are that many current or graduating college-level players (rugby and crossover athletes alike) will register as potential players for the league which features several new formats of the game, including a long-form of competition with matches staged in 4, 12-minute quarters.  One prominent coach, Josh Macy of powerhouse Lindenwood University notes that this is an evolving progression. "Rugby is always innovating,” said Macy. “Be it law changes or reorganizing competitions. Long ago, a farmer in Scotland didn't have enough friends for a 15s match in his rural community and 7s was born. This is just the next step."

For more information, go to the S7 Rugby website (www.s7rugby.com) or contact us at: 


David Niumataiwalu