S7 Response is ... Super!

Philadelphia, PA - May 25, 2019 - For Immediate Release- It has been less than three weeks since S7 (Super Sevens Rugby) made its debut, while it has only been about two weeks since the announcement of the S7 Million Dollar Scrum that will welcome twelve teams to Las Vegas to compete for their share of a 1 Million Dollar prize! In lockstep, S7 opened the doors to the S7 Summer Series pro league allowing  interested and qualified women and men players to register for the upcoming draft. The response has been encouraging and exciting in many, many ways. Hundreds of talented women and men continue to fill out the registration forms that can be found on our website to sign up for our soon to be announced player draft. Internationally known coaches and officials from all over the world have contacted us about filling those critical roles for the upcoming Summer Series.  

With the international sporting community now able to communicate and interact instantly, the reaction to our new form of rugby comes from people in more than 33 nations. The US leads the way, followed by Australia, the UK, Canada, Fiji, New Zealand, South Africa and France.   

What’s even more exciting to our group at S7 is the data that shows that the response has been far more than a click-through sampling. Online voting, which requires people to also go through a multi-step process shows that more than 25,000 voters have participated. In our on-line contest to fill the spots in the Million Dollar Scrum, thirty teams have gone through the formal registration process so far, with many more expected to sign up as we work to cooperate with all teams across all levels to accommodate their requests, which may extend the deadline for the contest end, and modify the actual contest date. Our goal. To make this contest as inclusive and attainable for all teams as possible. To cooperate with the broader rugby community, and minimize conflict with existing event dates. Stay tuned as we will be making some big announcements very soon about the contest venue, along with our local event management team, and partnerships in Vegas to make this a world class event.  

Early data shows that 50% of the visitors to the S7 site have come through our social media links. Facebook has been the greatest facilitator followed by Twitter and Instagram. Early indications are that 77% of the traffic has been via mobile devices.  All of this is quite encouraging given the short time period, and the fact that our informational distribution has been entirely from our own internal team strategies. 

Remember. There is still plenty of time left on the clock for your team to make a run at the Million Dollar Scrum. Get in on the action now. Be sure to check here and via our social media links as we will be unveiling some exciting and innovative ways for you and your team to earn bonus votes over the coming days and weeks! We want to see and read your S7 ideas, suggestions and reactions, as we continue to learn from you, and grow the game with you! 

David Niumataiwalu