MDS:  Word Spreads - Voting Pops

Philadelphia, PA - May 31, 2019 - for Immediate Release- Here at S7 Rugby we are  excited to see a discernible spike in interest and participation as we move towards our debut event, The Million Dollar Scrum. If you are just joining in, July 6 is the big day for the event that consists of 6 games featuring our innovative "long-form" version of rugby 7's. Registration remains open through our web-site  (link) for your  chance to take home a share of the 1 Million Dollar Scrum cash prize. 

Too good to be true? We have heard that and  understand. We have been busy answering phone calls, emails and social media inquiries asking much the same. There was an understandable hesitancy, I mean what new pro league makes its debut by offering up a Million Dollars?!? Our solution was to extend the effective  deadline of the online voting process, and thus the date of the actual Million Dollar Scrum. 

Here is the really interesting thing: since we made the changes - well,  an explosion would be an appropriate way to describe the reaction. In just 5 days since we announced the new deadline and date, the number of teams entering in the 6 divisions has jumped, and the voting has ballooned from 10 thousand total votes to over 30,000 as of this writing. Some of the sport's most well known teams have stepped forward (Life University, Lindenwood, Kutztown and St Joseph's among the top college teams) while an interesting trend has developed. We note that elite players are banding together to form new teams in order to enter and contend for the prize money in the winner-take-all format. Some of the best and brightest stars of the rugby world, both from 15s and from 7s are binding for the MDS.

Among the most hotly contested divisions is the Senior/Club Men category. Eleven teams have registered, and a hot battle is being waged for the two spots in the MDS. Zuke Sports from New Jersey and South Florida Rugby club, with over 4,000  votes each are trading the lead, with The Ragga Muffins of Austin, Texas closing in. Among the 11 entries in the  division, there are an impressive six nations represented including Fiji. New Zealand, Bermuda, Mexico, England , and the USA. 

In the Boys Youth division (High School age) we find a balanced battle, with 9 teams, and the top 6 all within striking distance of the top. Two well known teams out of Hawaii are among the top contenders for the MDS finals in Las Vegas. 

It's not too late for your team to enter the MDS. And remember, we will be offering innovative ways for your team to pile up bonus votes as we get closer to the deadline. Your enthusiasm  and ability to organize a voting campaign may have a big buck payoff! 

Check here on a regular basis as we spotlight and feature some of the players and teams we think you will find interesting and provocative as we continue the voting and get closer to The Million Dollar Scrum. 

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David Niumataiwalu