S7 Debut Sparks Interest Far and Wide

Philadelphia, PA, May 9, 2019 - It has just been a little over 24 hours since Super Sevens Rugby (S7) opened the "door" to  their new rugby league on the internet with the announcement  of The Million Dollar Scrum,  offering a million dollars in prize money to the winning teams in six categories, June 22 in Las Vegas.  We watched and waited.  Would anyone notice?  Would teams register and start voting?   Would the interest travel beyond the United States? The answers surprised even the most optimistic among us! 

Not only did more than 5,000 people find and visit the web site www.s7rugby.com, but formal registrations began almost immediately. 

Holy Family, a men's college team from Philadelphia,  became the first to toss their collective hats into the ring, as competitors for the $150,000 dollars available in their category.   Prize money is divided among 3 age categories for both men and women.  In the first few hours, 6 notable teams from 4 nations had registered for the competition, which will be decided by on-line voting over the next 4 weeks, ending at 11:59 PM Est. on June 4, 2019. 

"We want this competition to be inclusive, with all nations and regions invited to register and compete, and we are thrilled to see that through social media and new means of communication,  we have such a positive result" said David Niu, the President of S7. "And I already see some of the best teams lining up to have their crack!"  

Taking their  crack at the prize money is the Men's National team from Bermuda. Another  is The Mana Game Changers men's team from Aukland, NZ,, a charity team supporting vulnerable children, as well as  Kulture, a team from Brisbane,, Australia that would compete  in the Youth Boys Division. 

In all, interested fans and competitors from 33 nations had logged onto the site in the first hours, with the most  interest coming from the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, Bermuda, Canada, The U.K., and even Fiji. 

Among the noteworthy established teams and clubs to sign up and thus become eligible via  the online voting to make it to the Las Vegas finals, was the women's collegiate team from Life University in Georgia.  The Running Eagles are always at or near the top of the heap in the U. S.  college competitions. 

"Super!" was David Niu's reaction when he saw the early results. "Word will spread now, and competition will naturally flow as well.  I can't wait for The Million Dollar Scrum, and the chance for the world to see our new form of Rugby 7s ... Super 7s!" 

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David Niumataiwalu