The Wonder of What's Next

The End.

A few days before Jon Prusmack passed away, we had a brief conversation about how he was feeling, and our shared belief in the value and future of Super 7s Rugby. His breath was short and his final words to me were shorter, "I'm counting on you buddy".

The Beginning.

For a good twenty to twenty four months prior to that conversation, I led a program for raising capital to support Jon's vision for Super 7s Rugby that matched his entrepreneurial spirit of 'The Wonder of What's Next'. In doing so, I needed to create a simple process to solve for the complicated equation of raising money for pro rugby in America. Over many an open door, to many more slamming behind me, across the country and around the world; the task of convincing traditional and non traditional investment types that you have the next big thing is no easy task. But that process was always led by the three "P's";

(1) the Property (the game)

(2) the People (us)

(3) the Partnership (us and them)

Jon and I knew we had a gem of a property in Super 7s, rugby's next big step. So I set about putting together a team of personnel whom I knew would be up for the challenge. The right guys, with the right stuff. Our first meeting together was prefaced by a basic premise, and the 7 pillars that would drive our business.

"Who we are. Defines everything else. What we do. Will change often. Who we are shouldn't."

As long as we hold on to these pillars/principles:

  • Disruptive - Our Business is Change.

  • Prescient - Look Up. Be Aware. Take Notice.

  • Family & Community - Relationships & Loyalty are Everything.

  • Innovative - Live in the culture of Yes. Think Yes before No.

  • Player Welfare - We Care.

  • Gender Equality - You're Never Wrong. If You Do the Right Thing.

  • Entertaining - We Live in an Entertainment Age.

The Middle.

Just prior to Jon's passing, we secured 'in principle' approval for a large investment into Super 7s Rugby. As you can imagine, his loss significantly impacted the machinations of the partnership with our backers. Fortunately their belief in our property, our people, and our plan has maintained. We go on.

Have there been mis steps? Yes.

Will there be more? No doubt.

That is the nature of both sports and business.

But, we get up, and carry on. People are counting on us.

The Start.

I'll continue to lead our team and launch S7 Rugby this summer and beyond. The only way we know how.

To attack.

David Niumataiwalu

President, Super Sevens Rugby

David Niumataiwalu